Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Abutilon grandifolium

Abutilon grandifolium | Golden Flowered Hairy Abutilon, Hairy Indian Mallow, Hairy Abutilon, Tall Abutilon

Sometimes referred to as Abutilon mollissimum, Hairy Indian Mallow is a large shrub about 2m high with broad, 1-6 cm leave, and bright yellow to orange flowers. Although native to South America (Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina), this species has naturalized in both eastern and Western Australia (south-eastern Queensland, southern New South Wales and in south-western Western Australia near Perth). It has also naturalized on Norfolk Island and on some Pacific islands including Niue, French Polynesia and Hawaii. Additional common names are Ma‘o (Hawaiian) and Punehu (Tuhuata - Tuhuata Island).

Historical Reference: Abutilon A Grandes Feuilles. —Abutilon grandifolium —Sida grandifolia. Feuilles cordiformes-arrondies, ou cordiformes-ovales, acuminées, doublement cre'nele'es , veloutées, blanchâtres en dessous. Petit arbre haut d'une dixaiue de pieds ou plus. Pétiole aussi long que la lame. Sépales ovales, cotonneux. Cette espèce, remarquable par son heau feuillage et 1rs longs poils dont ses rameaux sont Jiérissc's, est indigène au Pe'rou. On la cultive en serre temperee, où elle fleurit pendant une grande partie de l'anne'e.

Translation: Big-leaf Velvetleaf —Abutilon grandifolium —Sida grandifolia. Leaves rounded-cordate or cordate-oval, acuminate, doubly crenate, velvety, whitish underneath. A small tree up to 10 feet or more. Leafstalk as long as the blade. Sepals oval, woolly. This species is remarkable for its foliage and its long hairs which its branches are covered, is native to Peru. It is cultivated in temperate greenhouses where it thrives for much of the year.

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