Monday, November 09, 2009

Alcea rosea “Fiesta Time”

Alcea 'Fiesta Time' | Dwarf Hollyhock

'Fiesta Time' is a gorgeous 'double-flowered' Hollyhock with fringed blooms. This dwarf cultivar grows to about 1m high. It flowers quickly from seed, often in its first year if planted early in the season. This hardy perennial produces blooms on stout stems from mid to late summer. Perfect for borders, cottage gardens, and containers.

Historical Reference: The Hollyhock may be planted so as to ornament the bounds of gardens, by forming clumps at the angles and at irregular distances near the fence, so that they do not form a straight line, for such an arrangement would only make the limits of the ground more conspicuous. For small gardens, or where the situation is much exposed to the winds, the dwarf Hollyhock is the most desirable; and when some of these are planted in front of the taller kind, it adds considerably to the beauty of the group.

   Flora Historica: With Observations on Planting, to Secure a Regular Succession of Flowers
   By Henry Phillips
   Published by E. Lloyd & son, 1829