Sunday, November 08, 2009

Alyogyne hakeifolia

Alyogyne hakeifolia | Red-centered Hibiscus, Desert Rose

Alyogyne is an Australian genus of xerophytic shrubs, distantly related to, and formerly classified in the genus Hibiscus. The genus is distinguished from Hibiscus by the undivided style. There are 4 recognized species, cuneiformis, hakeifolia, huegelii and pinoniana. Two of these species, Alyogyne huegelii, and Alyogyne hakeifolia are cultivated as garden shrubs.

The typical form of the hakeifolia species has lavender flowers with a dark red-eye, but there are also forms with white, yellow, or pink flowers. Alyogyne hakeifolia flowers are generally less open in form (tulip-shaped), and foliage is more deeply and simply lobed than that of Alyogyne huegelii. The individual lobes of the leaves are so narrow as to make the foliage appear 'needle-like'. These are durable shrubs for the water-conserving garden, and suited to a warm, dry climate. It is less adaptable than Alyogyne huegelii in climates with wet summers, and intolerant of bad drainage. Alyogyne hakeifolia will tolerate some mild frost.