Sunday, November 08, 2009

Alyogyne huegelii

Alyogyne huegelii | Blue Hibiscus, Lilac Hibiscus

Alyogyne huegelii is a variable species. Florabase (WA) lists 5 varietal forms but there may be more. This is a fast-growing shrub, typically reaching 1m or more in height. Often found in well-drained soils throughout South Australia and Western Australia. This photo is of a pink flowered huegelii type ―I do not know if it is a pure huegelli or if there is actually another species in its ancestry. There are a numer of named cultivars available in Australia and California ―some of these are listed in entries below. The huegelli species was named in honor of Baron Karl Alexander von Hügel, a 19th century Austrian botanist.

Historical Reference: "The beds of the brooks which form the Swan River are dry and it is only in low-lying spots that there is still some stagnant water. Here I found several very fine plants including a magnificent Hibiscus with large blue flowers."

   New Holland journal: November 1833-October 1834
   By Karl Alexander Hügel, Dymphna Clark,
   State Library of New South Wales