Sunday, November 01, 2009

Bakeridesia integerrima

Bakeridesia integerrima | Canary Tree, Hardy Yellow Abutilon

The Canary tree is a treelike shrub up to 4.5m (to 15 feet) endemic to Mexico, Central America extending to Venezuela. It bears 4cm yellow flowers throughout most of the year. Bakeridesia integerrima is the accepted taxon but this plant is also (perhaps more commonly) known as Abutilon chittendenii. There are approximately 31 species in the genus Bakeridesia.

Reference: Abutilon chittendenii. Seed was originally collected in the dry region of Olanchito, Honduras, on February 14, 1927, by Samuel J. Record & Henry Kuylen, then brought to the U.S.

   Plantas descritas originalmente de Honduras y sus nomenclaturas equivalentes actuales
   by Cyril H. Nelson Sutherland
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