Monday, March 30, 2009

Talipariti tiliaceum 'Variegata'

Talipariti tiliaceum 'Variegata' | Variegated Mahoe, Tricolor Hibiscus

The composite image at left shows leaves from a single tree ( taken at the same time). This striking variegated variety of Talipariti tiliaceum has large, multicolored leaves streaked with splashes of green and cream. Some leaves even turn a deep maroon color. Like the species, it grows as a shrubby, thicket-forming medium sized tree. Talipariti tiliaceum 'Variegata' is mainly grown for it's unusual foliage since it is reported to rarely flower in cultivation.

Still widely referred to as Hibiscus tiliaceus 'Variegata', the species will eventually be known as Talipariti tiliaceum. A group of 22 closely related species in the genus Hibiscus (including Hibiscus tiliaceus), were reclassified by Malvaceae taxonomist Paul A. Fryxell into the new genus Talipariti.