Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pavonia missionum

Pavonia missionum | Pavonia misionera, Malva del monte, Malva misionera

Pavonia missionum is a small. graceful, floriferous shrub native to South America (northeastern Argentina, southern Brazil and Paraguay). In Argentina it is naturally found growing along the water courses of the provinces of Misiones and Corrientes. The small red to orange-red flowers appear from spring through summer, and have a golden center. The leaves have an unusual characteristic not common among the malvaceae; the presence of sticky resin on the leaves reminescent of some Salvia. Pavonia missionum is tender but can take some frost. It can be prpagated easily from seed or root division. This plant is sometimes erroneously referred to as Pavonia malvifolia.

Reference: Características: es un lindo subarbusto que alcanza un metro y media de altura. Es digna de ser cultivada como ornamental, en canteros o macetas, por su vistosa floración. Requiere sol y suelos bien drenados.

Translation: Characteristics: This is a nice subshrub up to a meter and half high. It is worthy of being cultivated as ornamental in flowerbeds or pots, for its showy flowers. Requires sun and well-drained soil.

   100 plantas argentinas
   By Valeria De Marzi
   Editorial Albatros, 2006